TTG the application must also www.student-education2020.com consider the circumstances surrounding nature. Means that the environmental impact caused by the implementation of Appropriate Technology (TTG)  rapgodfathers  must be smaller than the use of traditional technology and advanced technology. Thus the benefits of appropriate technology that can be felt by the community. As where the benefits of appropriate technology is able to meet the needs of the community that increasingly rising, of course it is in barengi with the ability of people who are able to operationalize and take advantage of the TTG. www.student-education2020.com Besides TTG also useful to improve the welfare of the community by fulfilling its needs, solving the problem and increase production output increasing from usual. The technology is relatively easy to understand the mechanism, easy to maintain and easy to apply in daily life. The influx of new technology will not be a burden on society, both mental (inability skill) and material (can impose costs that are not able to fulfill the public